Agriculture Education


Herbal farms

Our belief is not limited to training the locals, but we intend to educate the agriculture research enthusiasts, students across the country, and international students.

The mountain plains of Uttarakhand are different from the other agricultural land in India. Thus, our research, on-field experience, and take on the soil, minerals, troposphere, and step farming required to grow medicinal plants will help in educating better. It is why Rockhill Agro has tie-up with renowned agriculture universities and local institutes to conduct short-term programs as well as field visits for students. We also have an exceptional infrastructure and expertise in medicinal & aromatic herbs farming that assists students in their research.

Rosemary, Lavender, Chamomile, and Dandelion do not readily grow in Indian soil. But our expertise, farming skills, and step-farming methodology have brought excellent results. Rockhill conducts on-farm visits to educate about medicinal and aromatic herbs, modern-day farming techniques, precision agricultural land, and local resources. We also intend to design short-term courses around the farming and growth opportunities of these herbs in the future.

Our farm area has been home to agriculture enthusiasts worldwide to share and learn agriculture practices, geographical and cultural impact. Through the short programs, ground visits, and global exchange visitors, rural families and local agronomy operations have a unique chance to be known and enhance with techniques of other agricultural venues, thereby building cultural relations.

To know more about Rockhill’s agriculture education tour, get in touch with our experts.