About Us

Welcome in the Natural world of Herbs, tourism and eco living. We are traders & manufacture of Organic Herbal Ingredients, Essential oils, Indian spice, Indian raw herb & other natural products, And we are also service provider in eco-tourism arena. For Herbs & commodities, we have established a collection network throughout the country. The sourced products are checked for quality and standards at the place of origin. We specifically pick those raw herbs that are rich in principle medicinal essence so as to obtain maximum beneficial extract and a high-grade end-product. We are unwaveringly committed to supply freshest, purest and safest products with quality packaging to our valuable customers around the globe. We all are part of the nature and, being an important stake holder to the sustainability of the natural world, we encourage eco-tourism. For this, we have our own farm house facilities, and we also conduct exchange programs with many countries in our farm house, so that people from across culture can come & explore the more innovative ways to protect the nature!

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Our own farming facilities is one of our core strength in today’s growing herbal market. We grow ayurvedic medicinal plants using natural methods and without the use of chemicals. This is done to maintain hygiene and confirm to the quality parameters. Rockhill has 11 acres of land in the region of Northen India, which comprises of 1 acre of warehouse space. We employee more than 50 permanent and 200 temporary skilled and non-skilled labor and a staff of 10-15 professionals who are highly proficient and qualified. Most of the pure herbs (spice herbs, medicinal herbs, cosmetic herbs) in our herbs list are wild crafted from all over India, while few are cultivated by own using advance techniques of farming. We have 100 metric tons of closed storage space to avoid the products from any kind of unusual atmospheric conditions. Around 20 metric tons of open shades in the close proximity of the productive field that assist in timely storing of the product after harvesting. These provide the facility of shade drying of 1000 kilograms of product per day to prevent (or inhibit) microorganisms and hence preserve the food and to reduce the weight and bulk of food for cheaper transport and storage

Mission & Vision


To practice quality in totality of feature & characteristics of a product & service that bears on its ability to satisfy all implied needs. Concentrate on high quality, high production efficiency & wide distribution. Constantly educate & improve ourselves to be in touch with the best manufacturing & operating processes. Innovate to deliver service as per customer’s requirements simultaneously work upon the upliftment of the farmers and all stake holders.


To become a leading Ecological Company which deals in Natural services & Products by forming beneficial and profitable partnerships with smallholder farmers & all key stakeholders in India.

Core Values

Care for the environment is one of our core values and we avoid the use of endangered species of plant and herbs. We always strive to deliver the highest-quality products according to the industry’s standards and principles. Provide a work environment that fosters employee excellence and satisfaction.

Quality Standards

All products of the company are manufactured according to ethical standards, ensuring the highest quality ingredients. Herbs are directly taken from “herb farm house”. Our company supply product as per industry norms and customers requirement.

Industries where we are supplying

We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as cultivators, processors importers and exporters of following raw materials used in Pharmaceuticals, Health Food, Perfumery Cosmetics, Food, Dietary Supplement and other Industries such as:
  • Botanicals (Herbs etc.)
  • Standardized Herbal Extracts / Vegetable Extracts
  • Natural Essential Oils / Aromatic Chemicals
  • Spices / Spice Oleoresins / Spice Oils
  • Drug Intermediates / Phyto -Pharmaceuticals / Alkaloids
  • Dehydrated Vegetables / Fruits
  • Herbal Health Food Ingredients / Supplements
  • Natural Food Colours
  • Personnel Care Extracts
  • Herbal Pharmaceutical Industry
  • And Many other similar industries!