Rockhill Agritech is also focused to promote Uttarakhand’s culture and bio-diversity across world. Through Rockhill, we aim to develop a sustainable form of tourism i.e., Eco tourism that builds on local resources, which will provide demonstrable, practical and positive economic and social uplift for the participating communities and will raise their awareness of environmental and social issues, at the same time benefitting tourists by introducing them to local people, culture, walks and wildlife.

Many European tourist visiting the place regularly. Ms. Emily from UK has visited the Rockhill facilities in late 2019 and, stayed in a mud house.

In the words of Ms. Emily – “This trip reinvigorates us from within, like the way the earth is by the first showers after a long dreary summer. The dreadful pace of urban life is characterized by impatience and monotony, both of which combine to cut the essential bond which binds human to nature. Trips such as these lead to the dissipation of months of accumulated stress, while letting you feel the warm embrace of nature. It is then, in the little things, that you rediscover the joys you thought you had completely forgotten and, you also found to see a culture which is still exist from ancient times. Things like touching the grass wet the morning dew, tripping over a stone, rubbing the raw mud in your hands, sharing a life with the local people & to know their culture, listening to the local whistles and chirps of birds & insects while letting the surroundings about a perfect calmness to your tired, crowded mind. This is what this amazing trip in Uttarakhand, India did for me. It is something to be cherished for my life time.”

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